Crispy coating, luscious melting chees and hearty ham! The term Cordon Bleu is a French metaphor for high culinary art. In this sense head chef Thomas Janser performs art with his different versions of the popular classic. Choose your type of cheese and feast without regrets.

You choose your cheese:
  • Bären Signature Cordon Bleu with Raclette cheese
  • Truffle Cordon Bleu* with Alba truffle cream, raclette cheese & ham
  • Devil Cordon Bleu with chilli Raclette cheese, spicy!!
  • Zug Cordon Bleu with dried ham & Zug mountain cheese
  • Cordon Bleu with raw ham & Gorgonzola cheese
  • Cordon Bleu with Greyerzer cheese

French fries & fresh vegetables included.

CHF 35.00    * surcharge CHF 3.50

XXL Cordon Bleu:

  • „Giant Cordon Bleu“ 450 g. with Raclette cheese

French fries & fresh vegetables included. CHF 45.50

Baarerstrasse 30, 6302 Zug