Helvetia, Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera, Svizra – these are the names of our
diverse country in our national languages.

And our Swiss cuisine is actually just as diverse. So why not enjoy an
evening in pleasant company in the traditional, cosy Bären Restaurant?
Every year we are proud to present Swiss folk music as a wonderful
accompaniment to our traditional dishes. It’s almost as good as being in a
mountain hut. Treat yourself to some pre-Christmas comfort and calm
while relaxing with us in the ‘Kolinstadt’ – as Zug is known. We are looking
forward to seeing you.

Our Red White Weeks offer (Swiss traditional food)

The team at the Bären – in traditional Swiss costume, of course – would like
to welcome you already!

Every Friday and Saturday with Live Music. 
Fri. 04.11.22 Gitschä Grüäss
Sat. 05.11.22 HD Lüönd-Nussbaumer

Fri. 11.11.22 Ruosser-Gruess
Sat. 12.11.22 Kapelle Kessler-Feierabend

Fri. 18.11.22 Zugerländer
Sat. 19.11.22 LT Täktig

Fri. 25.11.22 HD Fronalp
Sat. 26.11.22 SD Andreas& Seebi Schibig

Fri. 02.12.22 HD Schuler-Jmfeld
Sat. 03.12.22 HD.Buholzer-Omlin

Fri. 09.12.22 HD Müller-Schärli
Sat. 10.12.22 Echo vom Kontrapass

Fri. 16.12.22 Gebr.Hess Küssnacht SZ
Sat. 17.12.22 Tony Life

Fri. 23.12.22 Etzel-Buebä

Reservation & information:
Marlis Widmer, Host Restaurant Bären
Tel. 041 711 09 43

Baarerstrasse 30, 6302 Zug